Medical marijuana group backs mom fighting for kids

Lithia, Florida-- Since our story, the United for Care campaign has publicly backed a mother who says her support of the medical marijuana initiative has lead to a fight to keep her children.

Renee Petro has been an outspoken supporter of legalizing medical marijuana to help her epileptic son. As our original report explained, someone reported her to the Department of Children and Families, resulting in a visit to their home.

STORY: Medical Marijuana advocate says she's being targeted

Since, United for Care has released the following statement:

"Following an anonymous tip the Department of Children and Families launched an investigation Tuesday March 25th targeting Renee Petro, a Tampa Bay area mother advocating for the use of medical marijuana on behalf of her son who suffers from pediatric epilepsy.

Renee Petro's activism resulted in CPS agents arriving at her home, where an investigator then isolated and interrogated her 9-year old daughter and terrified the whole family. During their visit the agents found no evidence of Petro providing marijuana to her son.

'This is exactly why Floridians need to pass Amendment 2 in November- and why we need everyone's support to get word out about stories like Renee's and her family's,' said Ben Pollara, campaign manager for United for Care, the main organization advocating for the approval of Constitutional Amendment 2 legalizing the medical use of marijuana in the State of Florida. 'This story is sickening, but it's unfortunately not the only one. Across the state, there are people who feel persecuted simply for wanting to give their loved ones the best careavailable.'

'We must stand with the Petro family and all suffering Floridians' families' Pollara added, 'and we must pass Amendment 2 in November so parents, friends, and especially patients don't have to live like criminals.'"


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