MegaBus responds to complaints

It may sound hard to believe, but 10 News has learned a popular city-to-city bus company will soon be offering trips from Tampa to Orlando and Miami for just ONE DOLLAR! Sounds good, but there is catch...

Tampa, Florida -- "I hate to say this - the accommodations weren't too good," one rider said as he stepped off the bus from Orlando to Tampa.

The MegaBus trip to Orlando may be cheap, but some are asking if it's really worth it. The drop off is in the middle of a parking lot with little more than a makeshift tent and soon even the tents may become scarce.

It's not a bus terminal, but instead a parking lot on Gertrude Avenue in Orlando. To make customers happier MegaBus put up portable toilets and pop-up tents. People seem to like these amenities.

"It's some nice shade, good shade, its hot," said one rider.

However, a tent doesn't offer protection from heavy Florida rain.

"The bus driver when we first drove up, first thing he said, 'This is not good,' but he says this is all we have to offer right now," said rider Charles Burroughs.

See entire letter citing MegaBus violations

Now, the Orlando city spokesperson said no one gave permission for any of the tents and the property owner was cited for MegaBus' unpermitted facilities.

"As far as city ordinance, they provide a low cost service so pop-up tents are probably an easy way to go," said a customer.

Other riders say they need those facilities to stay.

"Oh man that is really important, because it's already hot and you don't want to be miserable while you wait," said another rider.

A MegaBus spokesperson says they don't want anyone miserable and they're happy to work with customers and the City to figure out a solution.

"I hope they do better. It's just that the location of the stops aren't too good," Burroughs said.

A meeting will happen on July 18 between MegaBus and city officials to explore options. MegaBus says it has put in for the proper permits. The company is also considering a new location in Orlando.

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