Money Mondays: Is YOUR name on this list?

We have a special Money Monday for you tonight.

Take a look at some of the names on this exclusive listwe just got from Florida's Unclaimed Cash and Property Division.

Your name could be here!

Check these links below - these are all people who have NO IDEA that they are beneficiaries of life insurance policies!

First - check these links and see if your name is here on any of these lists:

Unclaimed cash: Life Insurance from Hillsborough and Pinellas

Unclaimed cash:AIG Industrial Policies

Unclaimed cash:Pinellas Life Insurance Policies

Unclaimed cash: Hillsborough Life Insurance Policies

Next - if you foundyour name, check the links below to see how much money the state owes you and file your claim:

Link:Florida Treasure Hunt - search for missing moneyfrom Florida

Link:Missing Money - search for missing money from any US Government agency

We found people like Betty Foss, whose mother Esther Hines passed away from Alzheimer's almost 10 years ago and never told her about a Prudential life insurance policy, found some big money. Betty tells us she had no idea that her mother left behind almost $14,000!

More than 61,000 people here in Florida have NO IDEA they have unclaimed cash because state officials tell me that well known life insurance companies like AIG, John Hancock, Prudential, MetLife and Nationwide never contacted the beneficiaries. So if you didn't know your loved one took out a policy, you wouldn't know the money existed. The state of Florida had to sue these insurance companies to turn over millions that had never been paid out.

When I asked what these insurance companies were doing, officials from the state told me that they were using the social security master death list to stop the annuity payments on those insured when they passed away - but what they were not doing is use the same list to go find the rightful heirs.

So, insurance companieswould just sit on millions of dollars and not tell anybody - not even the state - that money was owed. And it's not an isolated issue, it's happening to people all across the country.

That's why 10 News wanted to help and let you know about this! SoLIKE our 10 News Facebook page or follow me and ask me on Twitter at@WTSPHeather and we'll help you search. And be sure totalk to your family about life insurance policies because there's no guarantee the life insurance company will contact them.

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