Most renters don't have $20 fire protection

Tampa, Florida -- Some of the 50 people chased out of their condos by a fire in Carrollwood are coming back today to see what's left.

Firefighters have confirmed a lightning strike started the fire that tore through 18 units at the Grande Oasis Condos Monday.

Many of those people now have nothing. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Every two weeks since mid-March, we've seen a huge apartment or condo fire in Tampa Bay. So many people have lost so much.

And here's a number I found that just adds to this pain: Surveys show around two-thirds of renters don't have insurance.

With renters insurance, instead of rebuilding from nothing -- they could have nearly all of it back. And the cost? Less than $20 a month.

"They're coming in, expecting it to be $400, $500 a year, and they come in and they're like, 'It's how much?' And we're like, 'Yeah, it's not very expensive, especially for what you're getting,'" said Adam Kjeer, an agent with AAA Insurance.

Kjeer says a typical renter's policy costs around 50 cents a day -- $12 to $20 a month.

But what about the 50 people put out Monday when a lightning strike started the fire that gutted their condos? Do renter's policies cover Acts of God like this?

Kjeer says yes; both renters insurance and homeowners insurance will cover things like lightning, hurricanes, or trees falling on your roof -- plus theft, or someone getting hurt and suing you.

Flooding from the outside is the only major natural disaster that may not be covered.

"Acts of God" are important, but for renters, you're also worried about "Acts of Greg" -- your bonehead neighbor upstairs.

What if he overflows his bathtub or knocks over a candle and destroys your stuff? Are you covered?

"Yeah -- what your neighbors are doing, what strangers are doing -- pretty much anything that possibly could happen, for the most part," Kjeer said.

"If it comes in and damages your stuff... for the most part, you're gonna be covered."

If you're interested in researching renters insurance, follow this link to a great Renters Insurance Checklist that can help you decide what coverage you'll need.


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