Protecting you from skimmers: Gas stations increasing security

New laws aimed at protecting you at the pump

Are the gas stations you stop routinely to fill up your tank, doing enough to keep you safe?

In two weeks, gas stations could be fined if they don't increase security to protect you from skimming devices installed on the pumps.

The solution is remarkably simple: Security seals.

Think of when you buy medication and it has a seal so you know nobody has opened it, well, these stickers work the same way. If the seal is broken, we all know somebody was able to get inside the pump.

By October 1st, every gas station will have to have a seal on each pump.

Some stations may choose to step up security even further: By adding better locks and technology that would shut down the gas pump if it's opened.

Even though you may be in a rush, taking just a few seconds to check the pump before putting in your card can save you from a lot of heartache. The average amount stolen from every credit card is $1,100 and each skimmer can store information from about 100 credit cards.

10News WTSP cameras found dozens of gas stations in the Bay Area alone that may be failing to keep your credit cards safe when you gas up.

We found that many didn’t yet have those simple security seals that lets you know if it’s ripped or if somebody has been inside.

“We open first thing in the morning and we check to make sure if it’s secure. We do that a couple of times a day,” says Ashraf Zakher, who manages a gas station in Clearwater.

But if Zakher's station doesn’t add more security, including the sticker seals, by October 1st, they will be held accountable.

The new law will also make penalties for those caught putting in a skimming device a lot tougher. Just this year, officials have found more than 250 devices on gas pumps across Florida.


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