Pasco homeowner looking for county to pay for sewage overflow

PORT RICHEY -- Michael Sederquist thought he had made it through the worst of the area's recent stormy weather - until Sunday.

"We had sewage flooding the home for more than an hour and the damage had been done," said Michael Sederquist, who came home Sunday to discover the damage to his house.

"It's terrible. You couldn't breathe in here," said Sederquist.

There was solid waste throughout his home, and nothing he could do about it.

"We heard gurgling coming through the toilets, tub started filling up, toilet started filling up," said Sederquist.

The flooring, carpets, baseboards and cabinets soaked it up like a sponge.

"We were just trying to do whatever we could do to stop it," he said. "As a homeowner there's nothing we can do at that point. It's on the county's side," Sederquist said.

The county sent crews out and put a "flapper" on Sederquist's sewage line. The county has been pumping raw sewage from the system ever since.

You can tell just by the amount of flood debris littering the neighborhood that there is obviously some kind of storm water problem all along Pegasus Avenue. The county says more than four times the normal amount of strom water entered the system, causing the sewage to back up.

"There was some backup, and pumps failed that went, unfortunately, in that address on Pegasus," said Doug Tobin, Pasco County spokesperson. "We do see some type of liability."

10News WTSP asked Sederquist, "Do you think the county should pay for this?"

"Absolutely. It's cut and dry. it's their fault they don't maintain the sewage system," said Sederquist.

"We'll take a look at the impact and what caused it and to see whether or not we're liable, but that will be something for the attorneys to determine," said Tobin.

Sederquist's insurer has told him the home is a total loss, but he thinks the county needs to take full responsibility for the stinky situation.

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