Relentless rain continues in flood-prone Pasco neighborhood

Local residents are still dealing with the aftermath of last week's storm.

PASCO COUNTY, Florida— As the rest of the Tampa Bay dries out from Hurricane Hermine, floodwaters continue to rise in the Bass Lake neighborhood of Pasco County.

The neighborhood sits in one of the lowest areas of the county and fills up like a bowl as flood waters flow out from other neighborhoods.

Making the situation even worse, heavy rains moved through the area Monday afternoon dumping even more water on the area already under water.   

While some homeowners worked to build up sandbag walls even higher surrounding their homes, others decided the time was right to evacuate.

Justin Dean worked to guide his next-door neighbor Michelle Lieberstein to safety. “Anyone who needs a hand, I’m going to give them a hand,” said Dean.

It’s not just the rising water of concern to his next-door neighbor. “You have to sludge through that water. You don’t know what’s in it,” said Lieberstein, a retired Hillsborough County Paramedic who has been through flooding before, but decided to get out this time after seeing snakes at her back door.

“The moccasins I can see in the daytime. I can’t see them at night. So I’m out of here.”

For those who are staying, life isn’t easy.

“Come and live in our shoes for just a week. I don’t think they would make it,” said Kristin Duncan of Pasco County leaders. “The power outage, the lack of sewer, the lack of water. It’s crazy!”

All this water creates a completely different set of issues for students trying to get to school.

“It’s very inconvenient because in the morning, I have to worry about the way I look which is a big thing for me,” said sophomore India Annas pointing to the road leading from her home to the bus stop that is submerged in muddy thigh-high water.

“It’s going to be disgusting. I’m just going to have to decide to get disgustingly dirty or I’m not going to go to school.”


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