Peacocks becoming big pests

They shriek. They destroy. And some homeowners say enough.

"I don't choose for them to be here. This is my property. I try to deter them for being here, but that's impossible," said Cecil Riddle of Riverview.

Peacocks and female peahens have been in Tampa Bay for decades, but recently their numbers have exploded and are becoming pests.

"Just like Muscovy ducks, you've got some people who love them and think they're gorgeous, blah, blah, blah. but you've got the other people who hate them," says Vernon Yates from Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.

He said peacocks are considered domestic fowl, just like chickens, and because of that, no agency takes responsibility for removing them.

"You'll never eliminate them. There's too many of them," Yates said.

Homeowners report peacocks are so destructive they rip shingles, tear pool screens and scratch vehicles.

" I had a $50,000 pickup truck. One morning I walked out and there were six of them standing on the hood scratching it up," Riddle said.

So what can you do about them?

"If there's something in your yard they are coming to get, try to eliminate it," Yates said.

10 News called several agencies including the county, animal control, and Florida Fish and Wildlife, and they all said the same thing: If you don't like the peacocks, you have to pay to get rid of them.

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