Pinellas neighborhood deals with floods, chemical smell

Tarpon Springs, Florida -- The flood of problems for a Tarpon Springs neighborhood continues after another Bay area downpour. But this time, those living along Old Keystone Road say it's not just the water causing the problem.

"I shot a water moccasin out here last week," says Louie Markonios.

What looks like a swamp is just the backyard of Louie Markonios' home.

"I have to carry a gun because you have all type of critters," says Markonios.

He says water moccasins, alligators, and coyotes now call his property home and what upsets him is that last year it was completely dry.

The County admits they shut down a pump station across the street for a few months, but neighbor Charles Zidar says they have soaked up another problem.

"It's called 'curfew' which is a potentially dangerous chemical if not used properly," says Zidar.

Zidar says the chemical used on a ball park located across the street from their homes on Old Keystone Road is now causing health concerns.

"I had headaches and watery eyes," says Zidar.

He says water filled his front yard, while the chemical filled the air. A flood of problems that he says is time someone dries up.

"Now I'm worried about diseases and these chemicals applied here," says Zidar.

The Department of Agriculture has launched in investigation to see if the chemical was used properly because they say you shouldn't be able to smell it and, again, if it is used improperly it can be very dangerous to one's health.

The Department of Agriculture says that's their top priority in this investigation -- to ensure that no water was contaminated.


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