Brutal weekend bear attack 911 call released

St. Petersburg, Florida — The 911 call from this weekend's brutal bear attack in central Florida has been released.

"I need help in my house," said Frank Frana on a Seminole County 911 tape, amid his wife's screams.

This weekend, Terri Frana had to stare down the beast.

"Is she breathing?" the operator asked. "She's breathing and she's bleeding hard," Frana responded.

Terri Frana survived a bear attack in her garage with 30 staples and 10 stitches in her head, and claw marks on her back.

"What part of the body was bitten?" asks the 911 operator. "It looks like the face" Frana said as his wife can be heard yelling in shock and pain in the background.

Terri Frana is out of the hospital and recovering now, but Frank said Saturday, "the bear actually had my wife's head in its mouth and started dragging her to the woods."

"There was three of 'em," he told 911 operators.

Florida Wildlife Commission says this is the time of year bears will start to venture into neighborhoods to look for food. Lucky for Terri, she stared into the jaw of the beast and got out alive.

FWC shot one bear in the woman's neighborhood and captured and euthanized more than three others they say had no fear of humans.


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