City warns residents of water testing companies

Clearwater, Florida -- Have a problem with your water? There's a solution for that. But it's a solution officials in Clearwater say may be a scam.

Clearwater resident and city councilman Bill Jonson says there's nothing wrong with his water, but he says there is something wrong with this.

"This is a letter," says Jonson.

Jonson received this notice that a company was going to reach out to people in town informing them about water service line maintenance and repairs.

"People are approaching Clearwater citizens for something they don't need," says Jonson.

Other residents say they've been approached by companies saying they can improve the quality of their water, but some people wonder how that's possible when, in Clearwater, the water's already clear.

"We have people like my mom that may get a notice like this, and they think they need to do something. I don't like this," says Jonson.

"We've heard about them doing this countywide," says Fred Hemerick, who works at the City's water plant.

Hemerick says the City has an advanced water osmosis plant.

"It's important people know that our water meets all the state and federal water regulations," says Hemerick.

For Jonson, he says while the water meets regulations, private for-profit water testing companies do not.

"Water is the most important service we provide to are citizens, otherwise lots of people could get sick," says Jonson.

Hemerick says that if your water appears to be red, give the city a call because you could have rusty pipes and they'll fix it. You can reach them at 562-4050.

Residents who feel they have been misled in any way, should contact the Attorney General's Office Economic Crimes Unit at 813-287-7900.


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