Former Largo teacher claims disability due to assault by student

A middle school teacher who attacked by a student blames administration for the issude.

LARGO -- Every fall for years, Steve Weaver was in a classroom teaching.  This year he's home because of a fall.

"He pushed me right here, real hard, and jerked me backwards, sort of like a whiplash effect," Weaver said.

Weaver took early retirement because of injuries he says he sustained in February while teaching American History. That's when a conversation came up about drugs. Weaver says he told his students to stay away from a teen who he suspected of selling drugs. While Weaver didn't name the teen, he did give a description. Soon after, the teen came to the classroom and confronted Weaver.

"'I'm going to punch you in the mouth,' he said. I said really?" Weaver said.

Instead of a punch, he was shoved.

"I went back a few feet and landed on a table," Weaver said. "In a short while I started having pain in the middle of my back."

MRI results show several herniated discs and injuries to Weaver's back. He now wears braces, which he says are used to stand and sit.

"I've never had to wear (these) in order to do that," Weaver said.

Soon after discipline was handed out by the district - to Weaver. He received a letter of reprimand for the confrontation.

The letter blamed Weaver, saying "you exercised poor judgment and disparaged a student."  And "your actions were the main factor that led to a physical confrontation between you and the student."

We wanted to find out what disciplinary actions were taken by the district against the teen. Citing privacy, a spokesperson would only confirm the teen is still a student.

"It's a felony assault, to appear as though it were my fault that the assault took place," Weaver said.

While the teen is still in class, next week he will be in a courtroom facing a judge for the felony assault charge.

Weaver says this is a lesson that shows the school district isn't concerned about teacher safety.  


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