St. Pete drags its feet on RLC refunds

St. Petersburg, Florida — 10 News has been in your corner, fighting for more than a year now against unfair short yellow lights throughout the Bay area, but St. Pete City Council seems to be dragging its feet on refunding your hard earned money. For some council members, it was confusing.

"I don't know what the plan is. Nobody's telling me anything," said councilman Wengay "Newt" Newton.

Two agenda items -- one addressing refunding mistaken red light camera tickets, the other on winding the program down -- both went without discussion, despite Newton's efforts.

"It's a major, major concern for me because action's already been taken by council, so I don't know what the hold up is," he said.

10 News asked if the council was waiting on a memo from the legal department before discussing the possibility of refunding unfairly ticketed drivers, but councilman Jim Kennedy said, "I disagree with your premise of 'unfairly ticketed.' "

It flies in the face of what 10 Investigates has been documenting for more than a year.

10 Investigates proved more than 1,000 drivers were mistakenly issued $158 tickets. Many of the tickets were issued at the corner of 1st Avenue S. and 34th Street. But on Thursday, the council kicked the can on getting you your hard earned money back.

To Joanne Hockensmith, who was unfairly ticketed at the intersection above, $150 isn't chump change.

"That's a sizeable bit of money, yeah," she said.

It's three weeks of groceries for Joanne Hockensmith. She says the money could go to gas or eating out too.

We asked Mayor Rick Kriseman if can you expect to get a refund.

"First off, I don't support full, and I'm not even sure I support partial (refunds), based on the information I've received to date," he said. "Plus, I don't even know how you would do that -- how you would issue a partial refund. Does the city pay it? Does the state pay it?"

The red light program is slated to end when it stops becoming profitable or by Sept. 30.

CLICK:Map of Yellow Light Traps


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