Public says more needs to be done after 101 arrests in Polk Co.

Polk County, Florida -- Polk County Sheriff's deputies nabbed 101 suspects in three days, among them an alleged drug user, car thief, and identity stealer. Deputies say your streets are safer for it. But do you think it's really making a difference?

"There are people that need to be locked up," said a neighbor who didn't want to be named on camera.

Sheriff Grady Judd said the suspects "are the people stealing us blind everyday!' One of them, Hector Vargas Ruiz, had already been in jail for murder, according to deputies. And they got him again. They were tipped off that there was activity happening at a home in Lakeland.

The owner there said, "It's crazy criminals don't learn their lesson."

The suspect was from Miami and was crashing there temporarily. He was charged with having drugs, five IDs that weren't his, and outstanding warrants from elsewhere for grand theft and armed criminal mischief.

Authorities say most of the suspects arrested were repeat offenders. "These folks are thumbing their nose at the system -- full 22 percent don't care they are on probation and continue with criminal conduct anyway," said Judd.

People who witnessed the arrest of Ruiz say the sheriff's office deserves a pat on the back, but there's more to be done.

"Grady does a pretty good job. I'd give him a thumbs up about it. This makes a small dent."

The homeowner said, "Deputies have to go after the bigger drug dealers and that's a true fact."

And another fact: deputies warn dozens of the suspects bonded out and could strike again.


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