Crystal Springs neighborhood shaken by likely tornado

CRYSTAL SPRINGS - Close to nighttime Thursday, the weather was calm and peaceful. Then, in just minutes, strong winds ripped through one neighborhood here, causing thousands of dollars in damage and putting lives at risk. 

"Out of nowhere. It just came out of nowhere," said Evelyn Novoa, who lives here with her family but was home alone at the time.

In her RV, Novoa thought to herself, "This could be it."

"I'm just glad to be alive," she said. " That was really scary." 

Fortunately, her kids were away at the time, so she could focus on her own safety. 

"I just threw myself on the floor, holding on at least to a door or something. (The storm) might take me with the door, but I'm hanging on to something," Novoa said. 

A possible tornado is to blame. Neighbors say it formed just before 8 p.m. Thursday evening. The National Weather Service will head here Saturday to survey the damage. 

Novoa's story wasn't the only one of terrifying solitude.

"They talk about (a tornado) sounding like a train. It does," said Christie Nix, who herself was alone in her own home as the storm started to roar.  

"I knew the roof was coming off. I heard that noise and honestly, I just freaked out," Nix said. 

After it passed, she walked outside to see metal everywhere and her new SUV under some unlikely shelter - a fallen tree. 

"I saw the rear end of the car and that's it," Nix said. 

Nix, her boyfriend and family are now left to pick up the pieces left by the storm.  

"I was just asking God to spare me and keep me alive and he did."

Both family homes lost power and there's no telling on when it'll be back up. But given that no one was injured or lost in the violent storm, the residents don't seem to mind. 



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