Probe into why 911 dispatcher didn't send help

Tampa, Florida -- Baby Jack likes to play with his mother's car keys. It's a game that quickly turned serious when he locked himself inside her car on a scorching hot day.

"It wasn't until I knew every door was locked - that I realized Jack did this, the panic progressed ..." says mother Shana Dees.

What's really scary is that the Tampa dispatcher who answered Dees' 911 call said he would not send police out to free her 10-month-old baby from the car.

Listen to the call here:

At first, Dees voice was calm when she called for help saying, "My infant son is locked in the car, he had the keys and hit the lock button while I loaded groceries in. It is so hot, I don't think I have time to call Triple A before he - you know - suffers heat exhaustion."

When the 911 Tampa PD Dispatcher said he was not going to send help, Dees became panicked. An off-duty officer came out of the CVS where the car was parked and made a second call for the distraught mother saying, "She is a little distraught ... she said she called 911 - but they wont come out if the baby isn't in distress."

The second dispatcher had a different response and replied, "No that's not true we will be out there for her."

Listen to the second call here:

While waiting for help, "He [Jack] was red in the face, sweaty and as time progressed he got lethargic," described Dees. It was a passerby who eventually got a wrench to smash the window and got Jack out.

10 News has learned that the first dispatcher did not follow protocol and is now under investigation. A Tampa Police spokesperson says help should have been on the way. "In this situation - the policy was not followed, we are looking into why that didn't happen."

The dispatcher in questions is a part-timer who has been with Tampa PD for 2-3 years.

"Thankfully the second dispatcher did the right thing and immediately dispatched an officer. We are going to get to the bottom of this - so it won't happen again," said Tampa PD.

Officials say they'll know what kind of action will be taken in a week or two.


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