Public pushes for Publix to label GMOs

Palm Harbor, Florida -- Surrounded by kids at a Palm Harbor park, mom of three Rebecca Werher is on a mission.

The kids chant in the background: "Go away GMOs!" as they make posters, against the "genetically modified organisms."

Rebecca wants local supermarket chain Publix to label which foods contain GMOS.

Because of an autoimmune disease, she's cautious on what her family eats.

"I'd like to see them label, like Whole Foods is. Take the reins and run with it, so parents can know what they're feeding their kids."

Whole Foods made a pledge to remove all GMOs from their foods by the year 2018.

Rebecca isn't alone. She and 1,200 others have signed a petition on Facebook to pressure food companies to label GMO foods:

While Florida lawmakers killed a bill to require GMO labeling, Vermont became the first state to pass legislation. Sixty-four countries -- including Russia, Australia, and Japan -- already require labeling on GMO foods.

Back at the park, those posters are for a march against Monsanto, the largest maker of GMOs. It's a call to better inform the public on what they're eating.

Publix spokesperson Brian West sent us this statement:

Publix supports full disclosure about what is in the foods we choose, including what ingredients an item contains, whether GMOs are used, and where the product is made. Although many studies and evaluations by retail, health, and regulatory agencies have found GMOs to be safe, everyone has a right to know the contents of the products they purchase. Rather than individual states enacting a variety of product labeling legislation, we prefer efforts to implement national labeling standards that would improve upon the voluntary guidelines currently in place. Regulations like this would alleviate confusion by making consistent information available, no matter where in the U.S. a product is sold, and give customers more confidence that they have the necessary information to make educated decisions in their product choices.

Click here for information on an anti-GMO march planned for Saturday.

There's also a Facebook page for Tampa Bay area March Against Monsanto rallies.


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