Pygmy Octopus born at Sarasota aquarium

Sarasota, Florida -- A Caribbean pygmy octopus has hatched young babies at The Aquarium at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota.

The momma octopus came from the wild, where she must have already mated, before she arrived at Mote and began laying her eggs.

They hatched between March 17-18. This species of octopus is nocturnal and the babies — you can see how small this one is compared to a pencil eraser and a penny — typically hide so they won't be eaten by predators. They're full grown at about the size of a silver dollar and eat small benthic invertebrates.

The babies won't be on display in The Aquarium; however, Mote currently has a blue-ringed octopus on display as part of its "Survivors: Beautiful and Extreme Adaptations" exhibit.


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