Rain forces out tenants, floods homes in Largo

In Largo, dangerous floodwaters are forcing some neighbors from their homes in Autumn Chase Apartments and the surrounding area.

Dangerous floodwaters are forcing some neighbors from their homes in Autumn Chase Apartments in Largo and surrounding neighborhood.

Tropical Storm Hermine has caused some unbelievable damage so far.  The relentless rain is taking its toll on the tenants.  Several have had to evacuate as floodwaters filled their apartments.  Crews had to cut power.

It’s not stopping at the complex, the water’s running downhill, right into neighboring homes.

“It is raining, it started about 3 o'clock here this morning, and it just never quit,” says neighbor Tiny Maiden.  As the rain came down, the creek behind the home came up.  “It was about 4 1/2 inches of water inside of the house,” says Maiden.

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Restoration crews are ripping up carpets. The family's trying to save what they can.

“They're dehumidifying it.  You have to do the microbiology stuff on the floor to make sure it doesn't grow mold.  It was rainwater, you don't know what was in it,” says Maiden.

Next door, the water flooded Ernie Trevina’s home, “4 feet up high, and it ruined it all,” says his friend, David Figueroa.

Figueroa raced over to the home to get his bike out of the garage.  “You can see the line where the mud went through,” says Figueroa.

The real shocker is around back.

“Wow! I really can't say much, I feel bad for him,” Figueroa says, looking at the damage where the water ripped Trevina’s deck right off the house.

“It lifted it up and moved it basically – floated,” says Figueroa.

Neighbor's know, Hermine's rath isn't over.  “It’s going to downpour again.  It's probably going to happen again,” says Figueroa.

“It's a day living in Florida, right?” says Maiden.


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