Red Tide Blamed for Honeymoon Island Fish Kill

There are some unwanted guests on a local beach.

10 News received a tip that dead fish were showing up on the beach at Honeymoon Island.

The state park is located in Dunedin.

Park managers have told us that they first noticed dead fish washing up on Honeymoon Island on Friday, and the count has continued to climb over the holiday weekend. Managers believe it is the red tide off shore that isnow impacting beach-goers.

"It's a smelly situation," says kayaker Danielle Bona from Clearwater.

Bona and her family took in more than the beauty of Honeymoon Island while kayaking in the Gulf this Labor Day.

"We went up about a mile from where we launched, and we did see dead fish not only in the water but up on the shore," says Bona.

"There is a red tide about 5 to 10 miles offshore, so the fish we've encountered are probably washed over from that red tide 16.

People tried to enjoy shelling around the smelling and reeling in the fish that haven't been impacted.

"You only catch a whiff once in a while, hopefully will catch some fish: some live ones," says Jonah Durst from Oldsmar.

The algae bloom off northern Pinellas County has been creeping closer to the shore. In the FWC's latest results last week, the 80-mile long mass has been moving South with reports of fish kills and people having problems breathing.

"We've had a couple of people who were uncomfortable in general," says Lang.

The Mote Marine lab tells 10 News it's also had reports of dead fish on Caledisi Island.

Some worry about the impact the red tide could have on the health of the marine life and the coastal economy.

"That'll depend a lot on the tides and the wind. There's really no easy way to forecast that," Lang says.

"It's just sad to see dying things in the water. We're used to seeing life in the water on Honeymoon Island," Bona says.

Park management says the Health Department is testing the water. FWC is testing the fish. They hope to know more about red tide levels and the fish kill in the coming days.

To read more on where the bloom is and where it could be headed:

For more information on Florida beach conditions, click here.

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