More roaches reported at Bruno's Pizza

TAMPA, Florida -- When 10 News first visited Bruno's Pizza # 2 back in 2012, management was reluctant to allow our camera anywhere near the kitchen.

The restaurant had been shut down as an emergency closure on May 22 two years ago with temperature violations on the cheese and roaches running across the pizza pans.

"No we're busy right now," said the owner when asked if 10 News could take a look inside the restaurant at 2615 W. Waters Ave.

10 News was back again a month later in 2012, this time after finding out a customer reported getting a German cockroach baked into their pizza.

"My boss says he don't allow you guys on property," said the manager who did not provide his name.

Now, according to a complaint filed with the state, it's allegedly happened again! Yet another customer is reporting "Bugs in their pizza." A state inspector was sent in to investigate July 21 and reportedly found roaches throughout the kitchen including on and around the front make table where pizza is prepared, under the hot holding unit and behind the pizza oven.

"That's uhhh … very bad," said customer John Allred.

10 News stopped in yet again last week, trying to get to the bottom of what's really going on inside the kitchen. As soon as employees saw the 10 News camera, they slammed the drive-thru window shut and went to hide out of view in the back of the kitchen.

In fact, employees refused to even serve customers waiting at the front window and in the drive-thru lane for service.

"If there's somebody in there nobody heard me, or saw me or reacted to me," said customer Xavier Nerys.

10 News told customers about the emergency closure from just a week earlier and showed them a copy of the restaurant's health inspection report.

"I could not imagine someone serving food like that. No that's bad," said Nerys.

State records show Bruno's Pizza # 2 has failed to meet state inspection standards on all but one of its previous surprise inspections since 2012. The restaurant has racked up a total of $6,400 in fines over the past three years with additional sanctions likely.

Bruno's Pizza #2 was cleared to reopen by the state July 23 with 18 remaining violations. You can see their entire inspection history here.

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