Sex offender found living near school bus stop

Citrus County, Florida -- A parent in Inverness reached out to 10 News concerned that there is an elementary school bus stop at Pocono Drive and Gospel Island Road, right in front of a convicted child sex offender's house.

The district says there's an easy fix, while Robert Clevenger's family insists it's not a problem in the first place.

"He's a sex offender," says wife Kira Clevenger. She admits, her husband Robert is a convicted child sex offender, but not the kind you may first think.

"He was 16 at the time. His girlfriend was 13. There was three years between them. They were having consensual sex. He was a child. He was 16 years old. He didn't know," says Clevenger.

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Kira says for that mistake, her husband will be labeled as a sex offender for life.

"I've never met a man with a heart as big as my husband's, and this will follow him around for the rest of his life. People automatically assume he is worthless, and he's a scumbag, and he's not," Clevenger says.

"Anyone who knows us, knows he's very honest about it. He's very open about it. He tells people, because he doesn't want it to come off like he's trying to hide something," Clevenger says.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement website shows there are two other offenders living just one mile from the Clevengers. One man is considered a predator.

"I understand sex offenders are a bad thing. Trust me, I know that. I have three small children. I had I would never want anyone to mess with them ever. I think most of them should just be hung, OK? My thing is in the state of Florida people should take the time to really truly look and read the charges," says Clevenger.

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A concerned parent tells 10 News that she went to the district and was told the bus stop can't be moved. Transportation Coordinator Marilyn Farmer says that's not the case. The district is willing to add another stop on the 16-stop route just for the student.

"Once we know, we certainly will correct it. We have discovered there was another student assigned to that bus stop, and were working to provide another bus stop for that child," says Farmer.

The district says it works with the sheriff's office and receives alerts when a sex offender is moving in. If there are restrictions that the offender can't be near children, he or she can't live by an existing stop. If the district is creating a new stop, it's up to the transportation department where to put it and will work with parents to ease fears.

"They don't know the offender. They don't know the circumstances why they are an offender, so we certainly understand that," says Farmer.


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