Snorkeler rescued in shark-infested waters

Homosassa, Florida — It was a harrowing rescue after a couple snorkeling in Homosassa was separated overnight.

The Coast Guard, helicopters, firefighters and sheriff's deputies were all called out to search for Dora Steed after she and her husband were reported missing on Thursday. She was found early on the 4th of July, alive and safe on Green Key Island more than a mile and a half from where she was reported missing in the St. Martin Keys.

It's a story SeaTow Captain Ernest Croft says could have ended much differently.

"We've had a lot of people that just didn't make it," Croft said. "It was surprising, she was in good spirits," he said. He said Steed found a PVC post to hold on to through the storm after she was separated from her husband Larry.

Ernie says Steed was stranded in shark-infested waters.

"The sharks feed at night over there but apparently she was not bothered," he said.

And the scallops she and her husband were out to get?

"She didn't never turn loose of her scallops," he said.

Steed is set to be treated and released today, and her family has expressed nothing but gratitude for her safe return.

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