St. Pete couple turns tables on burglar

St. Petersburg, Florida -- A St. Pete couple wakes up to a burglar in their home, butt quickly turned the tables on the intruder.

Colleen Traversa and her husband, Joseph Cihak, were woken early Wednesday morning to the sound of footsteps in their home.

Voice quavering, Traversa calls 9-1-1.

"I heard some gunshots ... we were broken into a couple weeks ago!"

Much to the surprise of the intruder, 25-year old Bryan Remley, the couple is well-armed.

"We have two weapons that we always carry in the bedroom. Every time one of us gets up, we take a gun to the bathroom to protect ourselves."

As Traversa hides, and her husband gets a firearm, their extreme caution is paying off.

"He's got the bad guy on the ground?" asks the 911 operator.

"He's calling for me!" screams Traversa.

After nearly 20 excruciating minutes, at last, a break in the tension. The tables have turned.

"He's got the guy! He's got them at gunpoint!" yells Traversa.

Police have arrived to the couple's home.

The suspect, even offers to mow the lawn, if Cihak lets him go.

Remley was violating his probation and has an outstanding warrant for theft. He's not charged with armed residential burglary.

This was the second time someone burglarized the home, according to police, so now the couple is armed when they get up at night.


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