St. Petersburg man found guilty for animal cruelty

A St. Petersburg man, Todd Walker, was found guilty following a three-day jury trial and was sentenced to 4 years in state prison by Circuit Court Judge Chris Helinger.

Back in 2012, Todd Walker was arrested for animal cruelty.

From May through June 2012, Walker was accused of causing severe injuries to his dog Beau.

According to the original charging document:

"Walker did intentionally commit an act to an animal and repeatedly inflicted unnecessary pain to torment an animal in a manner causing the animal to be injured, mutilated or killed."

Over a period of time between May 16, 2012 and June 19, 2012, Walker inflicted multiple injuries upon a five-month-old dog which belonged to his wife, Rebecca Walker.

The injuries sustained by the dog consisted of two broken bones to the dog's left lower leg, along with a broken upper bone to the left upper leg, and a small skull fracture which occurred during the time frame in which Walker was the only person home capable of inflicting these injuries.

He was observed drop kicking the dog in the air approximately 5 to 6 feet across the living room to where the dog hit the arm of a lounge chair.

On a second occasion, the defendant was observed throwing the dog on to a couch and hitting the dog in the face and then punching the dog in the area of its hind legs with his fist.

The defendant also on at least two occasions threw water bottles at the dog.

As a result of the injuries the dog's left leg had to be amputated, and the dog was observed to be in a state of fear when Walker was present with the dog.


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