Sunday Conversation: Jolly vs. Crist in Congressional race

The District 13 Congressional race pits incumbent Republican David Jolly against Democrat Charlie Crist.

ST. PETERSBURG — It’s one of the most watched congressional races in the country. Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist versus congressman David Jolly and you’ll only see that debate here on 10News.
The moderators, 10News political reporter Mark Rivera and Tampa Bay Times political editor Adam Smith show you what’s at stake from debate venue.

RIVERA: Adam Smith, a lot is going to be happening on this debate stage on Monday. What do you want to see from the candidates who are up here?

SMITH: I want people that are watching to really know what the difference is between these two. On issues that matter, not just the campaign ads, but  see what they’re like, how they interact, really on issues, entitlements, veterans care the budget, getting stuff done in Washington - what are these people like?

RIVERA: What do you expect to see from David Jolly on this stage?

SMITH: He’s got - in a way - a tougher job to do. He’s got to make the case that he’s more of a change candidate, and in a democratic leaning district, he’s the better choice than Charlie Crist.
So he may be a little tough on Charlie Crist.

RIVERA: He really has to kind of pull the gloves off if he wants to have a chance of winning this it seems.

SMITH: He does and I think Charlie Crist is in the position where he probably wants to sort of coast as the democratic candidate in a democratic leaning district. And yet, he’s going to have to probably answer for his basically lifetime record as a republican before he switched parties.

RIVERA: What do you expect to see from him on the stage, Charlie Crist?

SMITH: You know, Charlie is so good. He’s a very experienced politician, he’s very good on TV. So the question is, can he be Mr. Niceguy Charlie Crist and also take on David Jolly who’s a real threat.

RIVERA: When you think about the outcome of this race, why is it so important for people to be watching?

SMITH: This is one that really could be competitive this cycle. And this has been, historically, the person who’s represented this district has had an enormous impact on the daily lives of Tampa Bay.

Be sure to join us Monday, September 19th for that live debate from St. Pete’s Palladium Theater here on 10News.
Political reporter Mark Rivera and Tampa Bay Times Political editor Adam Smith will moderate the House District 13 debate between Crist and Jolly. The two will face off in a live televised debate Monday night at 7:00 on 10News--an event sponsored by 10News, the Tampa Bay Times and St. Petersburg College's Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions.

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