Surveillance cameras keep eye on Bradenton's Riverwalk

Bradenton, Florida -- Downtown Bradenton's Riverwalk is filled with walkers, joggers and families enjoying some play time and while some may come alone they're not really alone -- someone's watching.

Twenty-six surveillance cameras are being installed along the Riverwalk -- 10 are up and running.

"I love the fact that it makes you feel safe to come down day or night. Somebody's out watching for you," says Sharon Plank a Bradenton visitor.

That somebody, is Bradenton Police.

"We've had robberies down there, purse snatchings, thefts, fights, brutal fights and having these cameras it going to give us extra set of eyes 24/7," says Lt. J.A. Racky with Bradenton Police.

The video is stored for 45 days and the resolution, says Lt. Racky, is good enough to use in court.

"We're going to definitely be able to tell real good what they look like, the vehicles that they're in. I want the suspects the people up to no good to know we're watching," says Lt. Racky.

The surveillance cameras are also a helpful tool for officers in the field. Using their smartphones, officers can call up any one of the cameras at any time. An officer can see a camera's live picture on his phone, pause and rewind the video.

"He can pause it again and enlarge it to look at the vehicle's description, suspect description and put it out to officers coming in to help out," explains Lt. Racky.

Tiffanie Burns, a mother of two, sees two cameras attached to a light post and aimed at the play area.

While some people see this as an invasion of privacy or big brother watching, Burns does not.

"If it was your personal home, then yes. When you're out in a public park, I consider that just keeping watchful eye out for your own kids."

All the cameras should be installed by mid-April. The cameras are paid using a $60,000 grant given to the Downtown Development Authority.


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