Tampa police officers help transplant patient

Tampa, Florida -- A man who spent 12 years on the transplant list faced many speed bumps on his was to his transplant appointment. Luckily, police helped him get to the hospital on time.

On March 12, around 5:30 am Robert Barbour was on his way from Bradenton to Tampa General Hospital to undergo a kidney transplant. On the way he got a flat tire and called 911 because he only had a few minutes to be there by his scheduled time of 6 am.

Babour thanks that Tampa police officers Jason DeRocco and George Boyd for making a quick decision when Barbour needed it most.

Barbour said , "They said 'hey are you the guy that's looking for a kidney?' And I said 'Yes I am the guy.'"

Annette German, Barbour's friend said, "Officer DeRocco was like 'What time do you need to be there?' And I was like '6 a.m.' He was like that's in the next 2 to 3 minutes. So to see all these sirens and he was like hold on!"

Realizing the urgency for Barbour, with lights and sirens blaring, Officers DeRocco and Boyd took Barbour to Tampa General Hospital in the back of their cruiser with Barbour smiling the entire way.

"I Started getting excited because I knew we were going to get there on time and you know I didn't expect when we got to the hospital that the police was going to escort me to the operating room, but you know that was real fun," says Barbour.

Annette German says, "I'm really appreciative that he's standing above the ground and not in it."

"It's a call that makes you feel good at the end of the day, says Officer George Boyd.

"After looking at this awesome smile from the video I have to say that there's some things in this life that you can't put a value on, that is priceless, and that was one of them," explains officer DeRocco.

A priceless smile simply saying thank you.


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