Tarpon Tap House fire investigated

Tarpon, Springs, Florida -- "Burnt rubble, burnt wood. Still smells like a fire."

That's what passersby had to say about the Tap House. Ash, soot and a crumbling structure are all that's left of the restaurant, as the Tarpon Springs fire marshal tries to determine what started Tuesday's fire.

It's a total loss. Crews still had hot spots to work around a day later.

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"Now in the last 30 minutes, it's sinking in a little... what's been lost," said co-owner Sean Field, who just bought this place a few months ago. "It was a future for my family, an opportunity to work with my brother."

Looking at the destruction, he says he's lost more than a new business, "You see the roof caved in? I feel like that's what's happened to myself, my brother... the roof has crashed in on us."

Employees - now without jobs - are also feeling that.

"I'm depressed. loved the job, what I was doing. Surprised it burned down," said one. Workers say at first they didn't see flames, just smoke. Everyone got out safely, and fire officials say that's thanks to the restaurant staff.

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"The main thing was everyone got out safe. We know we are going to rebound, come back from this at some point," said the owner.

Officials still don't know what caused the fire. They said they might not be able to ever find an answer, because the building is so far gone. They believe it likely started in the wall, and could have been electrical or the result of a lightning strike.


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