Teaching infants water safety

Riverview, Florida - Three Bay area children lost their lives over the weekend in separate pool drowning incidents. It's a scary reality that happens every year in Florida, but local swim instructors say children as young as 6 months can learn water survival skills.

The tears on little Brett Daniels' face are nothing compared to the tears his mother would have if something ever happened to Brett while he was in the water.

"He cries during his lesson. It's only 10 minutes, but it could save his life," says Colleen Daniels, who's having 14-month-old Brett take kinderswim lessons.

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Infant Aquatic instructor Katja Borosch says infants can learn how to swim independently before they even walk.

"They learn to roll onto their backs by themselves and float so they can rest," says Borosch.

Babies are learning not only how to swim to one side of the pool to the other, they are learning how to handle themselves if they were to accidentally fall in.

"If they do fall in, they get used to having their heads underwater. We teach them to kick properly, while rotating them to come up for air," says Borosch.

For Daniels, teaching Brett the rules of the water is a priority.

"He has no fear of the pool and will literally walk right in," says Daniels.

Borosch says since Florida loses more children under the age of five to drowning than in any other state, she hopes all parents get their kids lessons.

"Kids need to know how to swim. It's a must," says Borosch.

Most classes teach children as young as 6 months. We found many classes available to you in the Bay area, just click on a link below:


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