Teaching lessons of 9/11 to young students

A memorial gives area youth a chance to understand the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

For many of us, the memory of 9/11 is real.  We watched it happen and we remember where we were, but kids in middle school weren't even born yet and for them it's now a history lesson.
A social studies teacher at Randall Middle School really wanted her students to understand what happened on 9/11 so she created a memorial to each and every person who died that day and it really helps the kids understand the enormity of what happened.
"I just think that it's very important for them to see the size of this that we're talking about and the impact it's had on our country as a whole," said teacher Kristy Verdi.
10News WTSP asked some of Verdi's students what they know about 9/11. 
Sixth-grader Mia Desouza said, "9/11 was a terrorist attack against the U.S. by a group led by Osama bin Laden."
Samira Santiago, an eighth-grader, said, "Learning about 9/11 was very cool to me like in a good way.  Like being able to learn about how we worked together to stay strong."
Joseph Stratis, another eighth-grader, said, "(It's) scary and nervous because you don't know if you could get hit next or like if the tower's gonna fall on you."

"A lot of people came together when this happened even though something terrible had just happened and it made such an impact on people's lives." said seventh-grader Grace Corl.
Verdi hopes she can help the kids understand why 9/11 had such an impact. "It changed our entire perspective on safety, security, but also trust and love and faith in our country."
Seventh-grader Luciano Bevilacqua has a closer connection to the 9/11. "My mom's dad sadly was in the tower at the time so I didn't get the chance to meet him, but we still remember him through 9/11 and it's kind of tough."
Sixth-grader Luke Keipper summed it up nicely. "It also makes me think how people, for example like a school, can get together as a community and make something as special as this to say ... we'll remember you."
The memorial will remain up through the weekend.  It's at Randall Middle School in Lithia.


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