Teen helps families have memorable futures with Alzheimer's walk

Carrollwood, Florida -- We tend to think 13 year olds as being consumed with teenage life -- playing video games, texting, hanging out with friends -- but one 13-year-old is using his free time to help everyone have a future they'll remember.

Beau Brickson isn't your typical teen.

"It's very inspiring really. You don't see too many kids that age that are interested in helping others out," Tijuana Flats Carrollwood managerJeff Staples told 10 News.

"You never really see a 13-year-old have such a passion and such a heart. One of the things he said was, 'I hope for a future everyone remembers' and you think about that and you think a 13-year-old doesn't say these things.How does he have such a big heart?" Alzheimer's Association's Rachel Farinas remarked.

Beau was heartbroken after he lost two grandparents to a progressive disease that not only robs people of their memories but their ability to walk, talk and think.

"My great-grandma on my mom's side died of Alzheimer's, but I was too young to actually experience it. But my grandma on my dad's side was only about three years younger and passed on about three years ago, so I was actually old enough to know what was happening, so it was a bad experience for me," Beau said. "It just completely ruined our entire relationship because she couldn't really remember who I was sometimes."

Beau is trying to keep their memories alive by raising money for the Alzheimer's Association's Walk to End Alzheimer's in downtown Tampa. He's already exceeded his personal goal, and with the help of Tijuana Flats, he's rallying to help his Kids & Friends for a Cureteam raise $2,500 before Oct. 5.

"Even if you don't have anybody in your family now or haven't, you could, so if that happened, you'll want to find a cure, so you should just donate now and find a cure so your family won't have to endure it," Beau said.

The Gulf Coast Chapter is hosting 11 events. The first is the Tampa walk at Curtis Hixon Park on Saturday Oct. 5. Registration's at 9 a.m., and the walk begins at 10 a.m. at Curtis Hixon Park.To make a donation,click here.


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