Teen unconscious after altercation with school officials

A teenage girl allegedly loses consciousness after an altercation with school officials.

10 News reporter Sarah Hagen digs deeper tonight into what happened at Chamberlain High School in Hillsborough County.

Did it go too far? That's the question tonight as authorities say protocol was followed and the student's family says she was hospitalized.

"If she wrong she wrong I wont defend her - but that doesn't sound like her," said Brittany Overtstreet's mother.

The incident report says the 10th grader has been suspended for 10 days, but she says she isn't the one who should be in trouble.

"All that wasn't called for - she should've approached me the right way, not grab it - just maybe I would've let her touch my bag - but they went too far."

The police report says three students told the Assistant Principal Brittany had threatened to spray them with mace, or pepper spray. A female assistant principal took the bag.

"If you don't ask - how am I supposed to know whats going on?" said Brittany.

The student says she got defensive, when she didn't understand what was going on. Police say an altercation happened and school officials called in the School Resource Officer.

Witnesses told 10 News Brittany attacked the SRO officer.

"You have your rights - that's it you have the right to your stuff."

Brittany says she blacked out - now with a medical bracelet and hospital papers - she says she is laid up after suffering a concussion, broken jaw, bruises and lacerations. Tampa Police say the injuries reportedly happened after Brittany was handcuffed, resisted the SRO and they fell to the ground.

Hillsborough County School Spokesperson Steve Hegarty declined to do a phone interview but told our news desk the student attacked the officer and the incident is being blown out of proportion.

Brittany's mother say the situation was handled entirely wrong and they are calling for officials involved to be fired, "They could've come and got her and said, 'Come with me Brittany, we have to talk about a matter."

Tampa police say the student has no other prior incidents reported. They also say the mace that officials were searching for was never found.

Police don't expect to charge school officials with any crime.


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