Transplant patient gets police escort to hospital

Tampa, Florida -- A man who spent 12 years on the transplant list faced many speed bumps on his was to his transplant appointment. Luckily, police helped him get to the hospital on time.

On March 12 at 5:30 in the morning, Robert Barbour, Jr. and his care taker/girlfriend Arnette German were on their way from Bradenton to Tampa General Hospital for Robert's kidney transplant.

As soon as they exited the interstate in Ybor City, they discovered they had a flat tire. Arnette called 911 but Robert continued to drive on the tire's rim in order to make his 6 a.m. appointment as he spent 12 years waiting for a kidney and was anxious to arrive at the hospital on time.

Officers Derocco and Boyd found them near the Tampa Police headquarters. They realized it would take longer to change the tire than to drive them to the hospital.

The officer directed them to park their car in front of police headquarters so it wouldn't get towed and then they drove Arnette and Robert to TGH in the police car with the lights and sirens on.

They arrived on time for the 6 a.m. appointment and Robert Barbour received his new kidney.


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