Two huskies nearly die from heat exposure

Tampa, Florida -- Two huskies are recovering after being left outside in the blistering sun for 9 hours on Wednesday.

35-year-old Luciana Manganelli was arrested on animal cruelty charges after she left Lola and Bear outside in her backyard. Hillsborough County Animal Services Animal Abuse Investigator Cpl. Ken Vetzel said he got a 911 call around 6:20 p.m. from a neighbor saying she could hear the dogs screaming in pain near her home.

"The officer could hear the dogs crying over the phone," said Vetzel.

They were tangled up two different cables that were cutting through their legs.

"They had tried to get away from the sun but kept tangling up and it was so bad that when one dog moved the cable squeezed the other dogs abdomen so tightly it would scream," described Vetzel.

The vet says the two huskies are inseparable and that Lola's injuries are more severe than Bear's.

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"Lola's temperature was higher than 109 degrees and Bear's was higher than 107 degrees," said Veterinarian Medical Director Dr. Lisa Cantonze. "That kind of external damage can cause organ damage to the brain, to the kidneys, gastrointestinal track, the liver and after a few minutes even death."

She said already this summer two cats have died from heat stroke.

"We have received 30 calls, just in June, from people leaving their dogs and cats in cars in this heat," said Dr. Centonze. "If you won't leave yourself in a hot car then do not leave your pets or your kids!"

Lola is being treated for soft tissue damage in her leg from the cable but both of them are recovering well. They were sedated when 10 News shot some video of them in the shelter cooling off.

"They are not out of the woods yet, organ failure can take awhile to manifest, so we will be checking on them."

Manganelli bonded out on a $2,000 bond. The dogs had never been brought to the Hillsborough Animal Services before Wednesday.

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