Update on Dunedin crash victims

Dunedin, Florida -- It's back to business at Causeway Plaza Thursday after police say a medical condition caused a man to lose control and crash into the plaza.

Now, that driver, is fighting for his life. Two pedestrians were sent to the hospital while a man in a car was also hit. He was not seriously hurt.

Police say it could take weeks before we know exactly what went wrong. In the meantime, we do know the drier sped across the parking lot and hit a parked SUV which then crashed into a pillar.

Businesses in the plaza that were affected were boarded up, but right back open today. A very different sight from 24 hours ago.

Causeway Cleaners owner saw the out of control car speed toward his friend Robert Hupp.

"No breaks, no squealing. Dead impact into my friend's vehicle. If Bob would've left 10 seconds later he wouldn't have made it," said Steve Milby.

We stopped by to see how victim Mark Imperator is doing, the person who was on the bike. On his door there's a public message that read:

Mark is still in the hospital - has cuts and bruises and a broken leg. He is stable, but will be there for a while.

It also asks for everyone pray for those involved.

"It was a tragedy," said one passerby who stood in front of the gym - right where gym goer Jeanette Kelly was hit with concrete debris. "Sends goosebumps."


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