Veteran: Iraqi's freedom is lost without U.S. help

Local Iraq War veterans have been watching the tension growing in Iraq and worry what they fought for could be in vain. One veteran still believes it was worth being there, and he wants to see the U.S. help Iraq fight for its freedom again.

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"They are a young force with newfound freedom and they were really just getting to grasp what that means for them," said former combat officer Captain Joe Wicker.

Wicker showed 10 News a couple pictures of him serving during his two tours of duty. The second picture was from his second tour in 2007. He stood smiling with Iraqi security forces who had recently received their freedom. Three years later, President Obama pulled all of the troops out.

"As a whole I would say we left way to quick," said Wicker. "I think that was a naïve decision and it's having terrible consequences."

Joe has been watching the insurgents slowly take over the sovereign state he once tried to protect. He thinks about those he lost along the way.

"I lost a commander. We had a sergeant get wounded; we had an interpreter get wounded."

He never wants to think any of his comrades' suffering was in vain.

Full interview with local Iraq War veteran

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"It is frustrating to see the sacrifices that were made by the soldiers that gave so much more than me that were wounded and some killed to see that that is in jeopardy now. I would like to see the Iraqi people receive some strategic support from the United States. In the way of intelligence and air power that will enable to them to stop this advance of insurgency and enable them to go back on the offense."

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As of Monday, U.S. has ships in the region of Iraq.

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During the Iraq War, 4,800 U.S. and coalition military personnel were killed. Another 32,000 were injured.


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