Volunteer treasure hunters find wedding ring

Trash and treasure isn't as different as it sounds.

"That's a zipper pull," said Tom Jones as he pulled up the tiny piece of trash. "That's going to sound just like a gold ring."

Jones and two other volunteers from the Suncoast Search and Recovery Club were on Sunset Beach searching for one tiny gold ring.

"We're looking for a wedding band lost on Monday night," said Mike Miller.

The club was called in to search days later, which worried the volunteers.

"It's a lot like a missing person, " Jones said. "Twenty-four hours makes a lot of a difference."

Fighting the odds, the volunteers scoured the beach where the wedding planner said she believed the $3000 ring was lost.

"I kind of treat it like I'm painting a wall to make sure I cover every square inch," Jones said.

After nearly two hours, and walking the same stretch of beach with the metal detector, Jones heard a beep that rang true. He found the ring.

"I thought it was gone, I thought there was no hope in finding it," Jones said.

But the newlyweds say they never lost hope.

"Lisa, our wedding planner, said it's not about the ring, I said you're exactly right but it's wonderful to have it back," said Rachel Ralston Miller.

"It's pretty incredible that these guys would donate their time and do this for us," said Leslie Miller.

The couple now able to go home to Illinois with the matching set of rings they had wanted to start their lives together.


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