Woman banned from gym over dress code

Bradenton, Florida -- When getting a heart pumping workout it's advised you dress comfortably. But not all workout clothes are in step with a gym's dress code and showing too much skin can be offensive, says Sarasota YMCA member Kimberly Maypole.

"People don't want to be distracted. You're coming here for a workout, not coming here to pick someone up in general. It's just bad taste," she says.

Linda Hug thought she had covered up by wearing a tank top shirt at the YouFit Health Club on Cortez in Bradenton.

"When I'm on the treadmill or the elliptical, because I'm just overheated, I do flip my top up just to cool down and then I always put it back down when I'm not on the equipment."

Hug says gym staff told her by folding her tank top to resemble a sports bra and show her midriff violates YouFit's dress code.

"Intermittently for the past six months she would harass me every time I go there to put my shirt down," says Hug.

One of YouFit's owners told 10 News the membership agreement Hug signed clearly states shirts are required. It's a policy they say Hug had been reminded of many times.

"It says 'shirts required.' I have a shirt on," Hug says.

YouFit's policy isn't alone. We checked four other gyms. Two of them, the YMCA and LAFitness, require shirts.

Crunch and Crossfit have a more relaxed dress code and do not have policies against showing one's midriff.

According to YouFit's owner and Hug, staff asked her to leave but she refused. Police were called after Youfit's owner says Hug flashed members and staff. Hug says it was an accident as she lowered her shirt. Bradenton Police issued Hug a No Trespassing Warning and Youfit revoked her membership.

"I've worked out in a gym 30 years and never have I had to endure such harassment over something so frivolous," she says.


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