Woman dies after being run over in parking lot

St. Petersburg, Florida -- A woman is dead after falling asleep in a parking lot and being run over.

Around 11: 30 p.m. on Tuesday evening, Fathima K. Masud entered the parking lot of the Palm Garden Condo Complex and parked in an assigned parking space, between two carport support pillars.

Sometime prior to his arrival, Henrietta Dickson had either passed out or fallen asleep in Masud's assigned parking space. As Masud entered the parking space, the front of her vehicle drove over Dickson's body, pinning her between the concrete park stop and the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Masud, who never saw Dickson, felt the impact and exited her vehicle. She found a large tote bag, which belonged to Dickson sticking out from under her vehicle. Masud removed the bag and assumed that was what she felt when she was parking. Masud could not see Dickson from the front of her vehicle so she went home.

The following morning, a passerby noticed Dickson's hand sticking out from the car and notified the police of a person sleeping under a vehicle. Police responded to find Dickson's lifeless body and she was pronounced dead on scene.

There are no pending charges for Masud, but there is a suspicion of drugs and/or alcohol on Dickson's part.

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