Woman who hit Brandon bikers arrested

Tampa, Florida -- "I have a rod going from here to my ankle. This is where they inserted the screws to hold it all together."

Dave Lindsay is still busted up. Three weeks ago, he and his wife Connie were on their motorcycle when an SUV cut them off.

Dave's leg: cracked in two. Connie: unconscious. At the hospital, Dave described how the driver left them in the street.

"She was looking right at me, and I said, 'can you help me,' and she just took off," said Dave.

Witnesses didn't see the licence plate... just the blonde woman drive off and escape. Finding her appeared hopeless until Thursday. That's when 43-year-old Cheryl Cole was busted by good, old fashioned, gumshoe street work.

"They discovered there were about 150 Lexus in Hillsborough County, narrowed that down to 50 with owners that matched the suspect's description, and literally went door to door until they narrowed it down to the last 15," said Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Debbie Carter.

Detectives say Brown was calculated in her actions as she parked the SUV behind her boyfriend's home covered with a tarp.

Dave and Connie say it's despicable.

"We were left to die in the street. This woman did not know the extent of our injuries. She should have come forward a lot sooner, she should have stayed at the scene of the accident, but she didn't," said Dave.

"And I would like to tell her, in my opinion, she has very little redeeming value. It's her obligation to restore the victims, and we have certainly been victimized. If it weren't for law enforcement, and the news media, she'd never be found. She'd be in hiding. She'd of gotten off scot-free," said Connie.

Connie and Dave run Liberty Manor for Veterans, that gives veterans a place to live. Click here to find out more.


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