"You won't beat us" - Bay area runner returning to Boston

Clearwater, Florida -- One year after the Boston Marathon bombings, a Bay area man who's still haunted by the attacks is training to return and run the race again.

For Brian Welch, training along the roads and bridges of Clearwater isn't just about building up the physical endurance to handle the race. He's also building up the emotional endurance it'll take for him to go back to Boston.

In the dark, on 24-mile training runs, Brian Welch's body burns. His mind pushes back.

"It drives me," he said. "When I want to quit, when I'm tired and I'm beat and I'm physically beaten. I try to think, 'Well it's nothing compared to someone who lost their leg, or lost their arm, or lost a loved one.'"

A year ago, Welch had just collected his medal for finishing the marathon. He was a block and a half away when the bombs went off.

"Seeing people crying... it's still kind of surreal to be a part of that," he remembered.

Welch says those moments still shake him every day. But as much as those thoughts beat him up, they also urge him on... to return to Boston to run again.

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"I don't really care what my time is gonna be," he said. "But it's important to go back there, I think, to show the evil -- if you will -- that you can't beat us. You won't beat us."

The 2014 Boston Marathon race will be run on Monday. Welch plans to travel from Tampa Bay to Boston on Saturday to attend some of the events commemorating the victims and spend time with other runners in the city.


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