Young girl was bitten in face by neighborhood dog

Land O' Lakes, Florida — A vicious pit bull attack in Pasco County leaves a 7-year-old girl with 28 stitches in her face. The dog is still living two doors down from the victim, Salena Posada.

Salena was playing with her neighbor's dog, a pit bull named Bubba, on Wednesday evening when things took an unfortunate turn. Bubba was on a leash being held by his owner Jason Delmont and Salena was in her own yard. When Jason and Bubba prepared to leave for home Salena hugged Bubba around the neck to say goodbye and was bit in the face.

"There's no worse feeling in the world," said Fanny Posada, Salena's mother.

Through tears she asked, "what do you say to your seven year old when they ask you 'why am I the only one in the neighborhood with stitches in my face?'"

Fanny says the incident left Salena's with deep cuts, and more than two dozen stitches.

Salena received medical attention and Bubba was quarantined in his owner's home.

"I am kind of scared of Bubba," Salena said.

The dog is being quarantined for 10 days in its owner's home on orders from Pasco County Animal control, but Fanny says that doesn't go far enough.

"I believe the dog should be put down. Not because of its breed, but because of its aggression," she said.

"It should not be staying at the home where it's not even being watched," said Salena's dad, German Posada.

When 10 News went to talk to Bubba's owner, Jason Delmont, who lives just two houses down from the Posadas, the occupants of the home threatened to call the police.

Through it all, though, Salena is staying strong and even says she wants to be a veterinarian.

"People might think that I don't like dogs anymore," she said. "But I really love these dogs because they've never hurt me and they're really sweet," she added pointing to her two chiwawas.

She's also still surrounded by the love of her family.

" I think that this is warrior scars," said her dad, German. "She's going to overcome this."

Now Posada is in contact with an attorney that says per the lease agreements where they live, pit bulls are not supposed to be on property. Delmont says he was going euthanize Bubba Friday night, but decided against it. He is now looking into a pit bull rescue in Orlando. Bubba must remain on property until authorities view Bubba again and the quarantine is lifted.

Pasco County animal control will re-evaluate the dog once the 10 day period for a rabies test is up next week.

Meanwhile, if you think there's an aggressive dog in your neighborhood, contact your county's Animal Control:


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