MMA fighter wanted for attacking ex-girlfriend

LAS VEGAS (8NewsNow) -- Jon Koppenhaver is still on the run and the people who called 911 say police may have missed their first chance at catching him.

The MMA fighter is better known as War Machine.

He is wanted for charges that include battery with substantial bodily harm, battery by strangulation, and assault with a deadly weapon.

His ex-girlfriend porn-star Christy Mack says War Machine brutally attacked her and a man she was with.

War Machine was a trained fighter and weighed in at 170 pounds. The smaller Christy Mack was somehow able to break free and get to someone to call for help.

At 4 a.m. Friday, in a neighborhood blocks away from the noise on the Las Vegas Strip, the quite was shattered by a banging at the door.

"I run down open the window see a tiny person screaming and yelling and hiding in the corner of the door," Dasha Giraldo, who called 911, said.

Giraldo had met her neighbor Christy Mack before but the adult film actress was completely unrecognizable.

She feared she was close to death.

"Her face was destroyed. She had scars. Her eyes were swollen," Giraldo said.

War Machine has been on the run for nearly a week.

Mack released a statement saying her ex-boyfriend beat her and a man he found her with senseless. He also said Koppenhaver forced her to shower in front of him, broke bones in her face and ruptured her liver.

Giraldo says she called police and was hung up on. She tried three more times.

"Then we called one more time. Then my husband called one more time from his cell phone saying, 'please come,' and then someone came after 15 minutes," Giraldo said.

Metro Police denies that Giraldo was hung up on but refused to release the response time or grant 8 News NOW an interview during the investigation. But spokespeople say the 911 call was upgraded to the highest priority after about nine minutes because of the injuries reported.

There are also questions about why the injuries Mack suffered were first reported by police as being non-life-threatening. Nancy Grace grilled a Metro Police spokesperson about that issue during her show Wednesday night. He told her that information is not always made available.

War machine has made it nearly seven days on the run at times taunting police on social media.

"He could be in Arizona. He could be in Mexico, gave him plenty of time for a head start," Giraldo said.

Giraldo says the 15 minute wait could have made the difference.


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