Most AMAZING viewer video ever

Watch this dramatic video from Houston that shows a worker being rescued from a burning under-construction Houston apartment complex, after flinging himself from a fifth-floor ledge to a lower floor.

The worker is standing on the floor of an incomplete patio. He waves for help as flames draw closer, then dangles his legs over the edge, swings and drops to a fourth-floor ledge.

A firefighter on an extension ladder reaches the worker. The worker reaches and crawls to the ladder...and you won't believe what happens at the end.

If you ever see news happening, record it.

We're not suggesting ever putting yourself in harm's way, but, if you see news, hold your phone horizontally, shoot it, and get it to us at, post it to our Facebook page, tag @WTSP10News in a tweet or upload it here on our Share It page .

You could end up capturing something as amazing as this video.

Link: Full story on the Houston apartment complex fire


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