PunditFact dives into comic lore for this fact-check

St. Petersburg, Florida -- Every now and then, fact-checkers at PunditFact get to have a little extra fun with who they put through the truth-o-meter.

For this one, they dive deep into comic lore and take on a talk show host who made a comment about big news out of the comic industry.

Marvel Comics recently revealed it will introduce a Thor, unlike we've ever seen before -- Thor will be a woman. It certainly has the comic world buzzing.

On The View, Whoopi Goldberg joined in the hype and made a claim about the new God of Thunder. Here's what she said:

"Thor, the God of Thunder, he messed up. He is no longer worthy to hold that damn hammer of his and for the first time in history that hammer is being held by a woman."

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Fact-checkers actually found several instances of women holding Thor's hammer throughout comic lore.

"Since back to 1978 when Thor's love interest, Jane Foster, in an alternate story line. We also found other examples, Wonder Woman, Storm from the X-men, Rogue from the X-men, picking up the hammer," says Katie Sanders with PunditFact.

Now some comic fans may say it shouldn't count because the women picked up the hammer in alternate universes. But fact-checkers did find some examples that didn't happen in the alternate story lines.

"So as Thor would say, by Odin's beard, we rate this claim, MOSTLY FALSE."

To see a list of all the female hammer-holders and to read more about this fact-check, click here.

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