Viral video shows Marines confronting apparent military faker

(Military Times) A video showing two Marines confronting a man dressed as an Army sergeant major is making the rounds on Facebook.

The video, posted on Sunday from Florida, shows two Marines on funeral detail questioning a man claiming to be a battalion sergeant major, military policeman and special operator. The two catch up with him in a parking lot and begin asking him questions about his uniform — including why he's wearing medals and ribbons at the same time.

The Marines ask the man who his commanding officer is, and he replies, "Lt. Col. Smith." They also ask him for his official business card, but the man is unable to produce one.

Later, the man claiming to be a top enlisted soldier told the Marines he doesn't participate in physical training because he's an officer.

The man was wearing a Silver Star and a Bronze Star with combat distinguishing device. When one of the Marines asked how he got the Bronze Star with combat "V," he replied that he got it for "saving lives up in Baghdad." He went on to say he saved three of his troops and his "staff sergeant from killing his own self."

He then tells the Marines he can't give them further details about what happened.

"I don't know if y'all kids have been over there," he said. "But over there … it's classified — it's a good story."

When one of the Marines asked him what the Army uniform regulation code was, the man replied, "Do my best, do my duty to serve my country."

"That's the uniform regulation?" one of the Marines replied. "Are you sure it's not AR 670–1?"

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When one of the Marines accuses the man of stolen valor, he tells them to get out of his face because he's a military policeman. When they ask to see his badge, he replies that it's in his car.

"I ain't fake," the man tells the Marines.

Once it becomes apparent the Marines aren't going to let up with questions about his service claims, the man walks off to his car.

Florida-based NBC affiliate WPTV reported that the man identified himself as 44-year-old Cornelius Davis. He told the station he was angry about the video that was posted on social media.

A spokesperson for the Army told WPTV that there is no record of a Cornelius Davis with the date of birth he provided having served in the Army since 1999. The spokesperson also said the items on the uniform are not correct and "don't make sense."

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