11-year-old boy saves teacher's aide's life

Saint Petersburg, Florida - 11-year-old Michael Dupuis is not your ordinary kid.

"Mike is a special kid. He knows a lot about his environment," said ASD Teacher Cheryl Collette.

A student at New Heights Elementary in St. Petersburg, Michael enjoys reading and knows all about the Titanic.

"It was 882 feet and 9 inches the length, and the height is 91.5 feet," he said.

No one knew this young boy with autism spectrum disorder would one day help save his teacher assistant's life.

"If it wasn't for him being there in the right moment at the right time, recognizing that I was in crisis, who knows what would have happened?" said teacher aide Audrey McCaulsky.

While eating in the school's cafeteria one morning, Michael noticed something was wrong withMcCaulsky, or as the students call her, Ms. M.

"I felt her head and she was sweating and getting confused and I asked, 'Are you okay?'" described Michael.

Michael then realized Ms. M was having a diabetic episode and immediately went to the lunch line to grab an orange juice, milk and banana bread to help raise her blood sugar level.

"I opened it up for her, she ate a little," said Michael.

Michael then led his classmates back to the classroom. He said he knew exactly what to do, because his grandmother has diabetes and recognized the symptoms.

"I was learning about the signs back in 2008."

Ms. M returned to the classroom a few days later. They now have a special bond and although Ms. M doesn't remember what happened that morning, she is forever grateful to Michael for saving her life.

"He's a great hero to me... a great hero," said McCaulsky.


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