Castor rallies against Hobby Lobby decision

Tampa, Florida -- The debate surrounding the Affordable Care Act and birth control hit the streets in Tampa.

Congresswoman Kathy Castor joined Planned Parenthood Monday in a rally against the Hobby Lobby court decision at Lykes Gaslight Park.

The Supreme Court ruled that corporations, like Hobby Lobby, do not have to cover birth control in their health insurance plans if they morally object to it.

At the rally, Castor explained some proposals that would make it illegal for any company to deny their workers of specific ACA benefits.

"What if a for-profit corporation determines: well I don't believe in vaccinating children -- that affects all of us. What if they determine: I don't believe that a health insurance policy should cover HIV treatment. See the slippery slope that we go down," Castor argued. "So this is why it's important now that under the law that we clarify how important it is that the decisions are made by women, by their families, by their doctors -- and not who's in charge in the corporate boardroom."

Congresswoman Castor invited others who are upset with the Hobby Lobby decision to sign a petition at the rally.

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