Crist, Rich come together at Unity Rally

Orlando, Florida -- The battle is on.

With 68 days until the general election, eyes from across the country are watching Florida's governors race.

Race analysts say at this point, is to close to call.

Today, Charlie Crist, a man who once held the governor seat as a Republican, joined other members of the Democratic party to encourage Democrats and undecided voters that he is a governor for the people.

In Orlando today, U. S. Senator Bill Nelson gave his support for Charlie Crist, so did Crist's former opponent Nan Rich. Just two days ago she was arguing against Crist, saying that he was not the one for the job.

Money, debates will be keys in Gov. race

Now Rich says, "I had my platforms but now that race is over. I support the Democratic nominee and we need to get Rick Scott out of office."

Now that Democrats have banded together, the must focus on how to get people out to vote.

Crist says in terms of getting people to vote -- "We keep doing what we're doing. We are having a Unity rally, and that's unprecedented."

Since Crist is a former Republican, he has faced opposition from both parties. His switching of parties is what Republicans say will be a disadvantage in the end.

"They're not going to forget 4 years ago when Charlie Crist was a Reagan/Bush Republican," says Ritch Workman, the Republican congressman from Orlando.

Scott, Crist attract flood of out-of-state donors

Republican's argue that if Crist does get voted into the governor's mansion — it will be a shame.

"This proves they want a Democrat more than they want principles," says Workman.

But Crist says he's not backing down saying that this isn't about left or right, but what's right and wrong.

"We turn it around by telling what we do, when we get there fight for the middle class fight for education the environment,"

And with just 68 days to go until the election expect more rallies from both parties as they make their way across the state and get ready for political adds to be show on television.

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